Eltima Serial Port Monitor Review – Windows Serial Sniffer Tool

As a fourth year engineering student currently working on his Capstone project, one of the biggest challenge I have found is to obtain the right tools needed for proper development.

Because Capstone is a student project where you have to build your own development environment from scratch, acquiring the right debugging tools is a huge challenge. Skimming the internet to find the right tool for the right task can be an unexpectedly long and frustrating process, as my recent efforts have revealed.

Luckily, while this has been the case for a lot of programs, it wasn’t for the serial monitoring tool I required. Upon my first search, I came upon this great tool from a company called Eltima Software.

This tool, called Serial Port Monitor, is an app that monitors serial communication from your computer to any COM port being used. You can use it to monitor applications that are currently running and can even monitor multiple ports in the same session.

I only used this application to sniff the packets going from my computer application to the USB module used in our Capstone project but you can also use this to send you own data and observe behavior.

This is a really great tool that has made my life easier. At first, I took it for granted but once I found myself looking for the Linux equivalent of this tool I realized just how rare such a simple and convenient software is.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a serial sniffer software for their Windows machine.

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Kael Blais

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